Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thanks to everyone who sent this in


Bicky said...

Cheeky! but yet appropriate.

Matt said...

Love the pic. Would have been better if the artist had the nerve to write something like “Douchebag parking”.

Unrelated note: First ride on the LSE this morning. Observations:

a) was somewhat surprised that I got a seat on the train that arrived at Guildwood at 8:01, and

b) was somewhat shocked that by the time we left Guildwood, it was standing-room only, and proceeded to get worse as we passed subsequent stations on the line.

I heard someone say something about a switch problem, and some of those waiting for the 8:01 were actually hold-overs from a previous train. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. Can’t wait *rolls eyes* for evening rush hour tonight.

Squiggles said...


I normally take the LSE that leaves Ajax at 6:41am. After Pickering, there were switch problems and we sat there for a good 15 mins. We made up some time because from Rouge Hill to Eglinton there was NO ONE waiting to board. There was a handful of people from Scarborough/Danforth though.

Wondering if people knew about the problems ahead of time and waited until it cleared - which means your train - or most took the TTC?