Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just sit on the jacket. Done.

- Submitted

Speaking of "move all the shit" and "all your space".
On this morning's GO Bus ride, this woman was seated behind the driver, herself positioned by the window, and the seat next to her was occupied by her backpack, jacket, roller blades and helmet.
As we head into Oshawa, some elderly passengers board and I figure she's gonna move her shit. Nope. Instead, these two elderly passengers make their way awkwardly to the middle of the bus. At the next stop, I decide I'm going to get up and say something and I begin to make my way to the front. The driver stops to pick up passengers and one of them is an older woman I see regularly who usually sits up front, so I was ready.
As she boards, I address the seat hog and ask her to store her belongings in the overhead bin to accommodate for those who like to sit up front. She turns to look behind her and tells me there are plenty of seats and makes no effort to move her things.
Everyone finds a seat and I decide whether I want to take this further. I don't. I go sit down.
The seats at the front aren't marked as courtesy seats. Those seats are actually a little further back but this woman was old enough to know better and really should have moved her shit. It's just common courtesy.


Skin Man said...

I applaud you're efforts, but am modestly disgusted that the bus driver didn't act!

Squiggles said...

I have noticed a new regular on the train this week. Every morning, she sits sideways across the two seater by the stairs on the second story. The one that is quite cozy and I think is usually used for extra-curricular entertainment. Anyhoodles, she sits there, on a full train, with crap spreadout over the floor and the spare seat.

Finally this morning, a gentleman (late 50s based on white hair, but I could be wrong), made her move her shit. He then proceeded to crawl over her, because she refused to move in a seat, or move out of the way.

I only hope, as it was ass to face, that he let one drift as well.

Squiggles said...

I also wanted to say that I have relinquished my seat on the Durham region bus I take for little old ladies (if there was ever a little old man, I would do it as well).

And the looks that I receive - from other passengers and the woman herself - makes me think it was the weirdest thing around.

Peter Seelert said...

I believe "@25GOBus" mentioned this on Twitter: "While CSAs and bus drivers make every effort to accommodate all customers, they can never force a customer to vacate a seat, even on another customer’s request." (ref. pg. 13 of the Accessibility Guide -

Skin Man said...

These douches dont have to vacate the one seat they are occupying but they may only occupy one seat.

lswgirl13 said...

I figure you can take more than one seat as long as you pay for it. Like that would ever happen!!! And the picture of the chick with her UNZIPPED purse on the floor. I would just love to see her wallet or cell phone or whatever end up on the floor.