Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No seat for you!

I broke free from the line commies and went to stand with the rogue, one-finger in the air, line saluters when I took the Richmond Hill GO train to Langstaff tonight.

I truly felt these were my people. Here we are ... all huddled in a crowd. I felt right at home... felt like a true and blue LSE-er, I did.

Until somebody farted.

I expected the crowd to part like Moses separating the sea and I, myself, had side-stepped a foot away from the waft (that just kept on coming) only to realize that these folk will tolerate just about any social injustice that prevents them from claiming a seat on the train. They won't tolerate the single-file line-up but they'll tuck their noses into the crooks of their arms and withstand their eyes tearing and burning in order to not break rank in claiming a seat.

I couldn't take it. I stepped out of the crowd and went to stand near the wall.

The train rolled in and I boarded last. I stood all the way to Langstaff.

There are some things I just won't do. God bless them donkeys.


Anonymous said...

The RH line only lines up:
1) in the mornings
2) in the evenings most of the cars lineup, EXCEPT for the 3 coaches up at the front. They have a free-for-all. The rest of us call them animals. ;-)

DF said...

You boarded last because of a fart? Oh please farts dissipate in like 20 seconds. Sure it's gross but shit happens lol Some smokers smell worse!

C.J. Smith said...

Not these ones, honey.

Anonymous said...

Way too much information for me!

Anonymous said...

Can you explain the line situation a bit? (I've never seen this before, I don't ride that often)


C.J. Smith said...

The Richmond hill folk like to line up single file on the platform when they wait for the train.