Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An alarm for loudmouths you say?

From Iceman7525
One thing bothersome about the GO is the level of noise inside the cars caused by loud talkers; who cares what you had for breakfast or how happy you are - please keep it to a dull roar.
On the 4:15 Georgetown train there was a woman who talked almost non-stop to her friends in the quad; unfortunately her volume was turned up to overcome any ambient noise - the entire car heard about her father, friends, weekend, etc.  This goes on for almost half an hour.
Today she gets ready to get off at Bramalea like a lot of riders on this train, only she sets off the Emergency Alarm while standing up (clumsy, aren't we?).  When she realizes the entire car of passengers knows it's her she holds her hands up in the air, gives everyone a look like "Who, me?" and runs off the train.
One good thing:  once the alarm went off she SHUT UP immediately!  And with only a few minutes delay.
Maybe there should be a separate alarm for incessant, annoying noisy riders!


mumzthewurd said...

yesterday afternoon I got to hear Oscar call his Dr's office. The bus was running late due to traffic so he made a courtesy call. Gee, that was nice Oscar. Hope they can help you with that STD. The rest of his loud phone calls were in Spanish. Where do these people think they are?

lswgirl13 said...

How does someone hit the emergency alarm standing up??? A loudmouth and a klutz I guess!!!