Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A most hilarious train ride

So says the subject line of this email.
from: Ferris, Andy
to: "" 
date: Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 5:40 PM
subject: most hilarious train ride i've ever had. ok 2 use my real name!
hi cj
you know those trolls who play games on their ipads, tablets and phones with the volume cranked and sans headphones??? had 1 tonight on my lse ride.
of all the games, he was ballin on angry birds. max volume. crowded train. no one says shit but everyone rolls eyes at each other, shake heads, sigh, shift annoyingly - all the bad ass you're pissing me off sign language that no one pays attention to, especially the object of said frustrations.
this bra be playing his birds and then all of a sudden, random as hell, some guy starts making  pac man sounds. so everytime there's an angry bird HI EN N N N NA NA NA, dude goes wacka wacka wacka and then does the sound of pac man dying. this went on for about 3 minutes until angry bird dude got uncomfortable and shut off his iphone.


Squiggles said...


Oh, I wish I had the cajones to do that! Monday night, some woman was playing a demented version of bejewelled on her phone with the sound up. I was *thisclose* to telling her to turn the sound off or I would turn the phone off - permanently.

But alas, no cajones.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny. Wish I was there for that. Is this dude a fat dude on the LSE? I encountered an angry bird player last week. I too just gave him the evil eye. No cajones here either :(

Andy said...

well i didn't say anything, it was pac man guy wearing the cape most of it just aren't willing to wear.