Thursday, June 7, 2012


Or was it Tuesday? I honestly don't remember. I know it's Thursday but it feels like Friday because this has been a week from hell.

I was on a later express train, the 5:53pm. Seated opposite me was a guy with a laptop. He was seated facing east and near the window. It was sunny as hell and the glare was interfering with his ability to view his screen. He asked me, in a pleasant voice, if I wouldn't mind holding up a newspaper he had with him against the window to block out the sun. We were still in the city at this point.

"For free?" I asked.

He smiled and chuckled. "You don't have to ..." He trailed off. "I just figured ... "

"Pay me $50", I said, "And I'll throw the grapes in for free".

He smiled. I didn't.

"You know..." I said. "They have blinds on VIA trains".

He nodded... murmured... went back to typing on his laptop.

The hell? "I just figured..."? The hell?! What? He figured what? I got boobs so this makes me his Levolor b*tch?


lswgirl13 said...

What's next? He asks for a footrub? What a douche!!!

Shirker said...

Why didn't he just ask you to switch seats? Nevermind, that would be too reasonable.