Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bus Driver, why you no help a brother out?

from: CB 
date: Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 6:51 AM
subject: more presto fun

Hi CJ.

This morning a passenger was denied service on the Milton bus arriving at union station at 6am. The man has some balance on his presto card but not enough for a ride. He had some cash, but less than the minimum $5 that is required to load onto Presto. So even though he had enough funds to pay the full fare, he was not allowed to ride the bus. Unbelievable!

The driver offered to take him to the Go station, but what was he going to do there? There's no CSR at that time in the morning. Our previous driver, (name withheld), would have lent him the money, let him fix it downtown, anything but leave the poor guy stranded. He should have been allowed to use the e-purse plus cash to buy a one way fare. It is his money after all.

 I would have given him the $ myself if I'd had any. And of course once you have tapped on you can no longer access the e purse on your card so I couldn't have helped that way either.
CB did write a letter to GO transit about this incident - CJ


Kelly said...

I think registered Presto cards can go into a negative balance for one ride. No?

Anonymous said...

I frequently go into the negative, especially if it saves some of the madness at union.

Anonymous said...

I dont blame the driver but this is just another Presto screw up. If there's not enough balance for a desginated trip but the passenger can pay the rest in cash, then what's the problem?????