Monday, June 4, 2012

News like this shouldn't be buried! Wi-Fi coming?

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Bicky said...

Not in service until 2015? Shoot, by that time I might have won the lottery and be settled into early retirement. :o)

James said...

Just because the cars will be capable doesn't mean they'll offer the service. And even then only the new cars would have it so you'd have to look for them and hope your train has at least one of the new cars.

lswgirl13 said...

The WiFi is a nice but I really don't care. I just hope higher fares aren't the result of new cars.

TomW said...

@lswgirl13: Fares go up because of this thing caleld "inflation". Also, I recall you complaining about over-crowded trains - extra carriages/trains will help with that. Why do you have to be so negatiev about everything? I feel sad for you :-(

S. Harper said...

General inflation is only one reason why prices go up, and not the one lswgirl13 is referring to. Increases in quality of a particular product typically has an associated price increase as the costs associated with producing said product are higher. Using the same coach design would have an ameliorating effect on price increases caused by general inflation.

I am not sure new cars = extra carriages as platform length tends to be the problem, not insufficient cars.

What's up, why u mad?

Squiggles said...

I have to agree with lswgirl.

Yes, wifi is nice, but it is not a need. Besides, there is the extra cost of not only building the capabilities into the car, but actually providing the service will cost more money. Yet, there will only be a few who use it. So once again, the many will be paying for the few.

What they need to do is get their spending under control and provide the services that we actually pay for. Even without an increase in the fare, with more passengers riding, there is still more money going into the coffers.

It's the fact that they raise fares, in combination with increased ridership and no noticable improvements that rankles.

Subliminal said...

I don't need any free WiFi since I pay for my own data freight.
I'm always concerned when I hear people wanting something and paying nothing for it because we all know it costs something.

The biggest threat to fare increases is what McGinty used to get re-elected: the 15min or its free election promise on the backs of GO Transit users. I hope he's willing to pony up for that in more subsidies or its just going to cost all the users that pay for the few users that win that lottery.

lswgirl13 said...

Hey TomW, I've never complained about overcrowding, I always get a seat so you must have be confused with another negative person! I just think that fancy new stuff will come at a cost.
I will try and be more positive :-)