Thursday, December 5, 2013

Are you ready to help the folks in Toronto bum a ride?

from: MS
to: CJ Smith
date: Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 7:51 AM
subject: Article on Star website

Hi CJ.

I found this article on the Star about fare integration with TTC and GO. Karen Stintz wants TTC users to have a fare break when they use GO within Toronto. Maybe I'm confused but would that mean those in the 905 would once again be subsidizing TO transit users?

As a GO user, would I get a break on using the TTC?

Not sure how this will all play out. Either way, I'm hoping for a lottery win so I can kiss the daily commute good-bye. Ha! 


April said...

Dipshit Karen Stintz, who apparently wants to run for Mayor, published an article about this very same thing in the Toronto Star a month or two ago.

If it goes through, and then they raise fares . . . I smell revolt on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how they want to provide discounts for TTC connections everywhere BUT Union station. Why is there no inter-transit discount for transferring from GO to TTC? With the newly approved fare increase for both TTC and GO (both of which I use each way to and from work), it is now looking more and more like driving to work is a better option (despite having to pay for parking). For the most part driving would save me about 20 mins each direction and not tie me down to a train schedule. However if all transit riders begin doing this, the roads will become so congested no one will ever get anywhere. This city is in serious trouble.

TomW said...

@Anon: There aren't any discoutns for connections to TTC, anywhere.

Currently, GO has agreements with all the other GTHA transit agencies, whereby people donig GO+local pay only 25% of the local fare. GO Transit pays the other 75% to the local agency. (It saves them money in the long run - it isn't free for GO to provide parking!).
A similar arrangment with TTC would be nice (TTC+GO = 25% of TTC fare + GO fare) - and that should logically be paid for by GO.

What Karen Stinz wants is different. It's similar to what DRT and YRT used to have for GO (bus) rides within their respective regions: travel on GO services at local prices. In those cases DRT and YRT paid GO the difference between the local fare and the GO fare.

So, if TTC wants people to ride GO for a TTC fare, that's fine - but historical precedent says TTC has to pay the difference, not GO.

TomW said...

NB: I've reread the Star article, and I'm now unclear what Stinz wants in way of "fare coo
However my argument remains: if it's reduced TTC fares, GO should pay; if it's reduced GO fares, TTC should pay.

Also, the statement "there is very little space on GO rail services to accommodate new riders within Toronto" ignores how certain trains make all stops but on in Toronto (LSE all stops to Pickering).