Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What sorry state of a bulk emailer does GO Transit use?

It seems unable to push out thousands of updates in a timely manner.

If FutureShop, Target, Michael's, The Bay and Sears can all manage to email me same-day deals for toasters, cameras, lamps, glitter glue and $1900.00 five-carat earrings well before I'm even awake, surely Metrolinx can find software for GO Transit to use that will send a message to GO Transit passengers about a 5:41 pm train cancellation to show up at 6 pm in our in-boxes rather than at 12:28 am the next day.

You had one job!


MATT said...

I see I'm not the only one who got GO's "updates" 8 hours late...

Michael Suddard said...

Cindy, I think the problem is self evident. The words "Metrolinx", "software" and "same day" should not be associated with anything remotely working well.

Case in point:

"Metrolinx", "software", "same day" and "Prestocard" are words I'm still waiting for to actually work correctly.

Although, in Ottawa there is plans for 2014 that people will be able to load their Presto Cards from the web and ride the bus in a little over 4 hours. Will be watching to see if those words actually work out.

Until then, to solve your Metrolinx e-mail issue, lets try seeing if Metrolinx can make these words work:

"Metrolinx", "software", "same day", "e-mail alert" and "high school kid programmer."

Bicky said...

At least you got the emails. I've signed up for them with two different email addresses and the one I primarily use didn't get them at all.

I got 18 text messages though.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if it isn't Yahoo servers?...I almost always get my updates on time. I get them via text and to my work email.

C.J. Smith said...

It could be yahoo.
Maybe I will switch my alerts to come in via gmail and see what happens.

MATT said...

I use Rogers email; while Yahoo may have a problem, it's likely not the root cause.

Bicky said...

Well it turns out I did get the emails but they didn't get pushed to my phone. I have fixed that setting and now, hopefully, I'll "be in the know with GO".