Monday, December 16, 2013

GO adds a 7:50 am train leaving from Whitby starting January 6th

This post has been updated to address a comment; a very valid and warranted comment.

Oshawa has two express trains that leave close together and Whitby will have the same in the new year.

GO is adding a train that will depart at 7:50 am. If you miss it, the 7:59 am train will be ready and waiting for you.

This additional train should lessen the crowding at Ajax and provide more seats when the new "from Whitby" train pulls in at 7:59 am.

Our fare increase at work! Good.

But what about the Barrie, Kitchener, Stouffville and Richmond Hill people? Where are their service improvements? Bad.

Does the ridership on those corridors not justify more trains, or maybe a train in the middle of the afternoon? Is there no demand for more trains, longer trains, additional trains or all-day service?

I've written about this before, how if you live out where these trains service, if you want to leave work in the middle of the afternoon, you're held to a bus schedule or you drive in.

Something for Metrolinx to start thinking a little harder about.


TomW said...

"Oshawa has two express trains that run close together"
Ummmm.... what???

Anonymous said...

good for you, but what about the other lines who are still suffering overcrowding and only 5 trades a day!?!?!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the trains they added on the LSW line...none of them seem to be at times that trains are needed....just like the "every 30 min trains"

C.J. Smith said...

Oshawa has the 7:15 and the 7:28
If you miss the 7:15, you can hop on the 7:28. Usually the 7:28 is right there as the 7:15 is leaving. So what's the problem-o Tom.

C.J. Smith said...

How's "leave" close together? Is it the grammar?

Tina said...

You guys need to understand CJ's route.... I agree that LSW/LSE seems to be the Metrolinx darlin' and I'm an LSE passenger, too... but that's not to say CJ don't care about those who ride other lines.
Like her, I am not familiar with the services provided because I have little experience with using the corridors you guys take and I'm sure CJ is in the same boat so you have to speak up and tell her if you want your needs addressed!

MATT said...

Further to your question about other lines, what about people on THIS line (ie the LSE) who have no use for an express train?

An extra train running on my corridor that doesn't even stop at my station and provides zero value to me and I'm supposed to care? Not so much...

C.J. Smith said...

I feel like I'm being beaten up here.
I don't know what the experience is like for everyone else. :(
I only mentioned that Whitby is getting an extra train. This extra train doesn't even benefit me.
However, aren't there supposed to be Pickering trains that give Rouge Hill people better options but yes, an express train leaving Whitby will only benefit Whitby and Ajax folks.
I'm sure they are over the moon.

ajax girl said...

Yep. I sure am. It's been 7 years of not getting a seat in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Those who live farther from Union will pay more than those who use stations closer so GO is starting with lakeshore because they own the lines right? so they have a say in rail traffic and maintenance.
Could be why the other lines are still in the dark ages.
I come from Whitby. This has been a long time coming. And people know that with the "richer" lines, you guys are 9-5 or 8-4 people. Why waste money on 30 minute service on you guys? C'mon... so the nannies can go shopping downtown with the kids at 2pm?

MATT said...

I'm not beating you up CJ, I'm just glad that I can pay 5% more so that an extra train servicing 3 whole stops is put into service.

I just happen to catch the train at one of the 60 other GO stations that is unaffected by this groundbreaking new express train, yet we are all paying more for the same service.

C.J. Smith said...

^ True.

Unknown said...

Thankfully, there is one new round trip on the long-suffering Kitchener Line, and an extension of another round trip as far as Georgetown. The new 17:00 departure for Mount Pleasant from Union Station will alleviate some of the overcrowding conditions on the 16:45 and 17:15 trains; the AM inbound schedule provides a few more options.

The good people of Brampton have been sitting patiently while more trains are added to Lakeshore West, Lakeshore East, Milton, Barrie and Stouffville while the same four peak departures (between 4PM and 6PM - there are two "shoulder peak" trains) haven't changed since 1981.

Anonymous said...

Barrie line is overcrowded, new train is needed soon... fare increases for nothing.

Jon said...

I would kill to have at least one express train on the kitchener line.... sigh :P

DH said...

I'm with MATT.

Rouge hill passengers, for example as I can only speak of rouge hill as that's my personal terminus point, have had their express trains TAKEN AWAY the last time schedules have been revised. How is that a service improvement?

Was this only a temporary service improvement while the Pickering parking complex was being built? One will never know.

Anonymous said...

Barrie line way overcrowded...we're treated like cattle.

MATT said...

@Jon - the Georgetown 07:06 train is express from Bramalea to Union. I don't think you should hold your breath if you're hoping for something to run express from much beyond Bramalea.

TomW said...

C.J. Smith said...
"Oshawa has the 7:15 and the 7:28
If you miss the 7:15, you can hop on the 7:28. Usually the 7:28 is right there as the 7:15 is leaving. So what's the problem-o Tom."
Ah, I see. You made it sound like Oshawa had it's own express trains! The 0715 and 0728 stop at Whitby, Ajax, and Pickering, hence my confusion.

Also: people who are complaining that they aren't seeing similar improvements should stop moaning. No matter what changes are made, some lines will come off better than others.
I haven't complained the last few years as Kitchener went form zero to two trains/day, Georgetown went from four to six, Milton went from six to eight, Richmond Hill went from four to five, Barrie went from zero to five, Bradford went from three to five, and Stouffville went from four to six. I don't see why people are complaining that GO is improving things.

(Sean Marshall: Brampton has five trains/day from Union departing between 4pm and 6pm. It went from four to five a few years ago)

(Tina: The Lakeshore lines are Metrolinx's "darling'" because they carry more passengers than the other five lines combined)

Anonymous said...

Well put Tom, here is someone that knows what he is saying. Not like that book reading Phd guy. Did you finish that CROR book yet??? Enough said

All day trains will be coming folks lets finish the infrastructure first.

Thanks CJ

George said...

Tom remember too that there are only so many locomotives and cars available at any given time. Regular maintenance always takes rolling stock out of service.

Once they start arriving fromt he factories next year (probably in the summer) then more trains will be added.

Plus as people are aware, there are plenty of older coaches in need of refurbishment further reducing the supply of cars. Ripping out the interior and replacing it plus new livery is not a small project.

I for one can't wait until all the vinyl seats are gone, especially during a hot day in the summer.

Unknown said...


Nope - the trains leaing Union towards Georgetown are at 3:30, 4:15, 4:45, 5:15, 5:45 and 6:50. The 3:30 (originally departed at 2:50) and the 6:50 were added about 10 years ago - but the same four trains between 4:15 and 5:45 are the same as they've been for 30 years.