Thursday, March 27, 2014

And here I thought nothing could shock me anymore. Silly me.

Hi CJ,
I'd rather you didn't use my name but here's a picture of the resident foot rider of the Milton line. When the other guy wanted to sit down, mr foot rider told him to go sit somewhere else because he doesn't want anyone next to him. He's on public transit! In rush hour!

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Bicky said...

Mr. Foot Rider needs to get . Sheesh! Some people.

Squiggles said...

That is when you sit anyway. Then send him the bill for the dry cleaning.

Rouge Hill-er said...

For sheer gall and unmitigated entitlement, I nominate this jackass for Supreme Donkey of the Footriders!
I would have plunked down on the seat just to p--s him off.

Bicky said...

Guess I used the wrong brackets. My comment should have read: Mr. Foot Rider needs to get (insert choice word here).

My bad.

George said...

The moron is lucky it wasn't me he said that too.

My exact response would be *ahem*

I don't give a flying what you want. get your god-damned feet off the seat and let people sit down you self-entitled asshole. In case you haven't noticed, this is rush hour idiot and people want to sit. Show me your ticket that entitles you to tell people where they can sit.

Either move it or lose it is all I have to say.

I hate people like this. Passionately and without reservation.

Now I have to find a cloth to wipe the spittle from the keyboard.....

cncndr said...

Whoa, Mr. I'm Self-Entitled, people like that need their ego's shot down immediately, this goes for people who like to hog the sidewalk and force others onto the street around them.


Unknown said...

I woulda sat on hos feet. All 300lbs on his ankles.