Monday, March 3, 2014

It's so shiny! - My daughter about my new PRESTO card

Yes. Yes it is. They're always shiny when they're new and full of hope and promise.

Oh and a big shout-out to all the lazy dicktards parked in the disability parking, idling, waiting for the train to come in or for the person they dropped off to return from doing business inside the Oshawa GO station on Saturday. Every spot, and there a lot of them, was occupied by idling and non-idling drivers. I parked where I was supposed to and walked the mere 300 metres to the station. These are the same people who park in fire routes at the grocery store or at Walmart.

Tell me I'm lying! Lazy jerks. Not a single vehicle had a permit.

I don't know the name of the raven-haired attendant at the Oshawa GO who helped me replace my PRESTO card that split in half on Thursday, all I know is that I like her. She sold me my first PRESTO card back in 2011, and despite the line-up behind me, took the time to answer all of my questions.

And yes, I had to pay $6 to replace the card even though it split in two through no fault of my own.

What's the alternative? Pay my fare everyday in cash? It's not like I had any choice but to shell out the $6.

It's terrible how we're held hostage to this fragile piece of plastic.


Bicky said...

Can't wait until 2016 when my card expires and I have to get a new one.

C'mon, lottery win!! Mama wants to ditch the commute.

On a side note, I've had more ticket inspections in the last two months, than I did all of last year! Twelve in January, 11 in February. Even one on Saturday and today!

Four Seasons said...

you know what you need? one of those card holder things. I have one that i put my card in and they are great! protects my card and it has a lanyard so i can attach it to my bag.

C.J. Smith said...

The card was protected. I don't how more protected it could be other than put it in an Otter box. I have plastic library cards older than Jesus that are still one in piece ... specifically one that I used to pry open a garage door.

Four Seasons said...

i had mine in a hard plastic protector and there's no way of bending it at all...
i should give you

Squiggles said...

More important than the $6: was your history transferred to the new card?

And Bicky: I have been fare checked on weekends (both trips) and at least twice a week during the morning commute. Evenings not so much, but I am all over the place with those anymore.

As for Walmart: some genius left his vehicle parked in the bus lane. And took the keys with him into the store. Leaving the women in his family unable to move said vehicle when the Bus happened along it's normal route. Resulted in pages, embarrassed women, etc. The bus ended up reversing enough to get around this genius. Happened this Saturday. Maybe it was just the weekend for jack-assery in parking lots?

Mrs. T. said...

I fail to understand why we have to actually BUY the physical card - we're already purchasing the fare, isn't that enough? And to pay again when the card expires? I didn't even know they had an expiry date. Just a huge money grab.

Unknown said...

Brampton/Zum has a hard plastic card sleeve. They were free when Presto was launched in May 2011.

Peter said...

If memory serves me correctly, one of the online surveys asked if we wanted card sleeves. I guess not enough people replied “Yes” to that question, or the whole survey was a PR sham. Where are the results for these surveys published, and why is it no one from Metrolinx follows up on the questions in the “Other” comments box?