Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I turn 40 in June. I'm going to Vegas

Yes. Forty.


Ergh... so to deal, I told my husband I would like to be in Vegas, in June, on my actual birthday. I spent hours last night reviewing hotels/resorts, reviewing shows and researching flights. I was so overwhelmed and overloaded by the information that I went to bed with somewhat of a decision. Then there's the price tag... but it's Vegas and I never really celebrated the last few decades of milestones in my life in any kind of style, so 40 is the year.

Initially I figured Paris Hotel, but this morning I discovered that Planet Hollywood has a Prince tribute show, on my birthday, and the hotel seems more up my alley - young, hip and vibrant.

I haven't paid for or booked anything yet because I'm interested in what you all think and what your experiences in Vegas were like. Have any of you have stayed at Planet Hollywood or seen the Prince show?

I also would totally entertain recommendations for dinner. My birthday falls on a Saturday and my husband wants ALL THE SWANK. Give me what you got!

Email or comment... and thanks!


Anonymous said...

that sounds awesome! I am so excited for you! I loved Vegas, I wish I could give you suggestions but I went about 15 years ago lol. Huge Prince jealous!

Four Seasons said...

I've stayed at Encore, Aria and Vdara.
Man, you should play that myVegas game on facebook and get lots of comp points and free hotels etc.
We went in December and most of hotel room and food was free.
Also, try the $20 trick, when you check in, slip a $20 and kindly ask if they have any complimentary upgrades, mention it's your birthday etc. If they do, they will take your 20 and free upgrade you, if they don't, they will give back the 20. Worth a try.

Anonymous said...

Would you consider flying out of Buffalo airport instead of Pearson?

C.J. Smith said...

I've gotten lots of tips on the "it's my birthday" thing. I will definitely work my charm.

C.J. Smith said...

Due to time constraints and childcare issues, Buffalo isn't an option. I wish it was. We'd save a lot.

George said...

Make sure you spend an afternoon in "old" Vegas on Fremont street. You'll enjoy it because you can wwalk from casino to casino in seconds.
The Pawn Stars shop is pretty close too. We went there but alas, none of them were there at the time.

We also stayed once at Ballys, right beside the Paris hotel and my daughter saw the Prince show. She was not impressed.

Last April we got delayed in flight and arrived at 2am at the Golden Nugget. They upgraded the wife and I to a suite because they gave away our room. It was fabulous and cheap as long as you stayed away from the mini-bar.

Never had a bad time there and believe it or not, there are museums aplenty in Vegas if you're one to appreciate culture.

The only time I got uncomfortable was at Bally's where a gay wedding was having a reception and the flaming type guys were trying to kiss other men in the ballroom hallway and trying to drag them into the hall itself. We went the long way around there. :(

Oh and lastly, the wife won 3k last year there and another 5k on a cruise ship. It was a good vacation year for us.

George said...

Forgot, I turn 60 in May and the family is taking me to NYC for a week. We're staying in Manhattan and taking a day to travel to Atlantic City. Maybe another jcakpot for the wife? :)

Bicky said...

Haven't stayed there (I've stayed at the Luxor and Harrah's) but it looks nice from what I've seen. Also, big shopping area there.

There's a restaurant at the Mirage. Figures I can't remember the name of it. Great food (I tried gazelle!) Really nice place. We were there before we saw Terry Fator.

Just watch for "resort fees". They'll charge you $20 a day for the pool, whether you use it or not. Many of the pool areas at hotels now have a "club vibe".

Vanessa said...

I've stayed at the Palazzo the last time I was there (last year). That hotel is amazing - and the price is decent too! I'm taking my husband there in July for his "Dirty 30" and we're staying at the Venetian this time around.

C.J. Smith said...

@George No different than straight drunk men trying to kiss women at a wedding! Been there. Done that!!!

Bicky said...

Forgot to mention... it can be hotter than Hades... stupid hot in June. Hope you handle heat better than I do.

Michael Suddard said...

Stayed there in July on our honeymoon (what is more romantic?)

Got a great deal from the MGM with free buffets 3 times a day everyday during out stay. But then there was the heat....

We got pretty good at figuring out all the shortcuts between the hotels ducking and out.

Make sure you look for:

- Hotel room deals.
-Players club card deals (i.e. free $15 gambling credit). THis was awesome as neither of us had ever gambled....played the penny slots for hours!

- figure out shuttle bus service from the airport to the hotel (We used Bell bus...or something like it).

Have fun!

George said...

That's exactly why the wife and I only go to Vegas in the winter.

Spring and summer is far far too hot to go outside and stroll atound.

LC said...

I've been there twice, once in October at Treasure Island, once in June at Luxor. My advice is to always have a drink in hand while walking between hotels (alcoholic or otherwise) because sometimes the heat can really get to you all of a sudden. The hotels are much farther apart then they appear to be. There is local transit that runs up and down the strip (called The Deuce), take it if you planning on going a far distance.

Also, if you have the time, I recommend a trip to the Grand Canyon (south rim). If you take the bus trip you will need a whole day, but it was worth it!