Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Not gonna lie - this has been a real Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! kind of day

The amount of chairs that have been thrown around in email and in comments would have put Steve into a coma. Trust me.

Look, no one is going to win this fight. If you really feel that you're entitled to do whatever you want on public transit without any regard for the comfort of others, then listen to me very carefully, I'm actually gonna yell it. THIS IS NOT THE WEBSITE FOR YOU.

Please go ahead and create a blog where you can write all about the courteous things people do when on a GO train so you can poke fun and laugh at us who keep our feet off the seats, don't block the doors, don't charge down the aisle like a ferocious linebacker, don't indulge in HAPPY HOUR at 7 in the morning, don't block seats with bags, dog carriers, pillows and purses; who listen to movies or music at a reasonable volume and don't conduct phone conversations that can be heard on the next level all about how the guy at the office thinks you're stapling his paperwork wrong.

Oh, and be sure to Instagram all these courteous things, too.
Don't forget the hashtags.


Unknown said...

CJ ... I apologize for calling one of the anon's an idjit ... I couldn't hold back any longer. It WAS the first time I called someone on here (other than myself) a name. :D
Love yer stories, and love yer 'tude girl... you keep postin' and bein' Jerry. :D

C.J. Smith said...

I am always astounded at the consciences of many of my readers. Integrity. You has it.
However, there were comments that went too far. To be fair, I lumped them all into one unapproved checkmark.
When the mud starts slinging, people stop reading.

Bicky said...

The lack of civility these days is astounding.

I need to find my book by P.M. Forni "The Civility Solution - What to Do When People Are Rude". There's gotta be tips in there on how to handle the rude buggers. (Pardon my French!)

Anonymous said...

I think for me the issue with your site is that you call out people for behaviour that you personally find offensive or rude (which is totally your right)! And I used to find your posts hilarious - Lately though I find your criticism and the comments on your site to have become too aggressive (i.e wanting people to fall on the tracks, calling people "stupid", etc.) Again, it is your site and I always have the choice to not read, but thought I would throw my two cents in

C.J. Smith said...

My criticism? I don't recall wishing anyone to die or even writing that I hoped people would fall to any serious harm.

As for comments, yes, I have allowed some choice ones through, but I didn't write them nor does it mean I share those sentiments but I can understand how they could be a judgement of my character.

I appreciate your two cents and I will take your feedback into consideration moving forward. Thank you for letting me know. The opinions of long-time readers matters dearly to me. The opinions of newbies - not so much - because legacy/credibility/respect/admiration/loyalty with an audience is built. You don't immediately obtain it because someone read about you in the Huffington Post.

I hope you are being honest when you confessed that you are a long-time follower. Of course, I can check through the site metrics but with over 900-1000 IPs to try to match up in one day to previous months before, it can be tedious.

Usually when people care this deeply about decisions I've made with respect to postings and comments, they send me an email or a text which I find incredibly touching. Anonymous comments don't have that kind of reach... but like I said, I'll take you for your word and take what you said into consideration.

FRED said...

Long-time readers usually leave a name when they're providing you feedback CJ.
Why so gracious?

C.J. Smith said...

Go take a look at the horde post comments and then come back and question my graciousness!

But I will admit you're right with your first point.

Jules said...

I find it hard not to call someone a moron when I see disrespectful behaviour because the truth is it is stupid and intelligent people wouldn't post pictures of them doing something they know is not cool.
Having said that I have been following your site for a while and just recently switched from Anon to my name, just because I was too lazy to creat a profile.
I think you create a good balance on your website CJ and I enjoy your humour, people who get upset are usually the ones who have something to feel guilty about. Its all about commmon respect when you are in public, the times have changed with social media you will be caught and if you aren't ready to be called out for being a tool then don't be a tool.

C.J. Smith said...

^ (*tear)

Jack C. said...

The irony of the haters' comments (and their inability to recognize it) makes my head hurt sometimes.

I think it every time I read some variation on "Wow! You really have too much time on your hands!" or "Don't you have anything better to do?" or "You really need to get a life!"

How do these posters not get how unintentionally funny it is when they expend their time and energy commenting on the value of how others expend their time and energy?

Seriously. If my comment on a foot rider is a waste of my time and evidence that I have "no life," what does that say about the person who comments on my comment?

"Why do you care so much?" begs the follow-up question, "If it's not worth caring about, why do you care so much that I care so much?"

*head shake*