Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nine public transit warnings that should exist


Anonymous said...

I'm 33 and carry my laptop, text books and binder, water, umbrella, and more in my backpack... what's the problem with adults wearing backpacks?

Michael Suddard said...

Allan, no problem with carrying a backpack onto a train.

There is a problem with it on a passenger's back as they seem to knick passengers as they move around on the train.

Buses are especially an issue as the aisles are narrower.

I find if I get my backpack off my back before working my way down the aisle of a bus I more cognizant of not hitting fellow passengers with it.

Squiggles said...

Yup. Agreed with the backpack. It holds more crap and it is better for your back then the gazillion other bags you might carry instead.

On the bus, I normally wear it on until I sit down (but I am one of the first on), but when it is time to disembark, I carry it in my hands, low to the floor. Makes it easier to navigate the people.

Anonymous said...

It's a JOKE, chill out lol.

Anonymous said...

If I get on an express bus only going 2 stops or 3, I'll keep it on, but tuck myself into a corner. Otherwise, it comes off.