Friday, March 7, 2014

Me. On a Friday night GO train, after it pulls into Oshawa and I've spent Happy Hour with friends

I can watch this for hours. HOURS.


Bicky said...

Bah ha ha ha! It is hypnotizing.

Squiggles said...


George said...

We had (wrecked in the ice storm) one of those feeders with a big round anti-squirrel hood on it. We also have a persistent little red squirrel that tried each and every day to get at it. He jumped from a tree onto the hood and then tried to lean over the hood and grab the perch there, but he soon got overbalanced and fell the 8 feet to the ground. Every time.

He also sometimes tried to shinny up the metal pole by climbing at super-speed but never maked it more than halfway before sliding back down. I swear the birds lined up on the fence laughing their feathery little butts off and then casually fly over when the fun was over for a snack or two. Actually when I had suet in bags on it, the sparrows of all birds would chase the squirrel away.

Haven't seen the little squirrel for a month or so now. Hope it's ok because when we get the feeder back up in the spring, the fun starts again.

Kelly said...

awww. I love squirrels. I feel bad for him. I used to have a squirrel feeder, the kind they lift the lid and dive in -so cute to see their little bums sticking out. My grandpa couldn't find one so I gave him mine. Need to find a replacement!