Friday, August 22, 2014

Comedian shows how it's done (Crashing public mobile conversations) - anyone willing to try this on a GO train? (My hand is up)


Bicky said...

Hi-freakin'-larious!! I would pay money to see you do this!

Anonymous said...

I would happily do this on the GO Train if the loud cell talkers would take the hint.

Unfortunately, they wouldn't. Especially those in the Quiet Zone.

Valentino Assenza said...

I gotta say this was humorous, and inventive, but I think you're upping the ante in terms of risk when you take something like this to the streets of Toronto. Torontonian's love their cell/smart phones. You saw in Beverly Hills how people started to get their backs up....yep...that climate would be to the exponent of 10 in Toronto. I love my city, but it's more than noticable to me how irritable people have gotten in The Big Smoke.

That being said....if this act did come to Toronto....I'd be more than curious and interested to see it.

Anonymous said...

I'd only consider doing this if they were obnoxious. Quiet cell phone calls are okay outside of the QZ. I'm not bugged by much except for overt rudeness and passive-aggressive cowards. There are a lot of them lately. So many that I've wondered to myself (seriously pondered the thought) if it was me. But then I was shoved by some asshole that wanted to be FIRST on the train. That did it. The bitch is taking over from here, baby. Straw.Camel.Back.Broken. Look the F&^* out.