Thursday, August 14, 2014

Will the new design include a ferris wheel?


Anonymous said...

I guess that means any hope of moving the station, getting two stations and expanding out to Bowmanville just went out the window.

C.J. Smith said...

No, Metrolinx also finished the deal on the old Knob Hill farms land. The plan is to build a station there and service Oshawa with Bloor and Knob Hill. The trunk that runs past those lands is the line that would come out to Bowmanville. This would mean another corridor. I guess Bowmanville would be the new line and would run express to Oshawa and all stops after that.

VRS said...

The current line that GO takes on LSE would split in Whitby and run north of the 401 and continue on to Bowmanville.
Found and the enviornmental Assessment Report that explains it (and explains why GO has bought up all the property on Thorton Rd just north of Champlain.)

From page 6- (there is also an illustration) "A GO station is being proposed south of the existing CPR main line, west of Thornton Road in the City of Oshawa and
will be serviced by the proposed highway crossing.
Three (3) additional GO stations are proposed through the remainder of the Project Limits with a fourth site identified for
a future potential station. One (1) of which is located in Central Oshawa, bounded by south of Olive Avenue, east of
Albert Street, west of Ritson Road, and north of First Street. The remaining proposed stations are located in the
Municipality of Clarington. One station is proposed south of Bloor Street, east of Trulls Road, west of Courtice Road,
and north of the CPR. An additional station, located in Bowmanville is being proposed south of Highway 2, west of
Martin Road, and will be located on both sides of the CPR line. The fourth site, identified for a future potential station, is
located east of Bloor Street and south of Grandview Drive South. In addition, a train layover facility is also being
proposed within the Municipality of Clarington, south of Baseline Road, east of Solina Road, west of Rundle Road, and
south of the CPR line. It is noted that that first phase of expansion will provide all day service to Central Oshawa, with
a.m. and p.m. peak service to Bowmanville with the ultimate plan to have all day service to Bowmanville when demand

April said...

They finished that deal? Holy poop. Last I heard it fell through and then there was nothing further from Metrolinx on the subject.

I am excited about having a station on those lands. I could bus to the station! Or walk. The current station is a three bus ride from my home.