Thursday, August 14, 2014

It will cost a million dollars to take a train to the airport

This letter to the Toronto Star had the writer expressing this thought:

"... The UP Express is still being viewed as a high-end service for the corporate sector that wants fast and efficient transportation to the airport and are willing to pay a premium fare of anywhere between $15 to $25 one way.
As soon as we disabuse Metrolinx of this absurd nonsense the better. Metrolinx can charge whatever they like to international visitors passing through our great city, but for Canadians, the fare should reflect that this is a new addition to the public transportation infrastructure and must be affordable to the public — especially those several thousand working people who may be coming to and from work in or near the vicinity of the airport every day and who might prefer to take the train rather than drive their car as a daily means of conveyance."

There's also another letter on the same Toronto Star opinion page.

I heard fares could be as much as $30 one-way. That's absurd.

It's also being reported that Metrolinx is ready to unveil the UP terminal. I can't wait for a tour. I'm sure the CEO of Metrolinx has a media badge all shined up for me.

And speaking of the UP Express, below is the public YouTube video (the one BlogTO poked fun at) that was yanked for re-editing. Truth be told, it's incredibly long and bloated. You'd think Metrolinx, by the narrative alone, re-invented transit. Hardly. I think having a rail link to the airport is fantastic, but it's not as amazing as the video tries to make it out to be if it's not affordable.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, it's not that bad. YOu can tell it was scripted for investors. There are some nausea-inducing sentences such as the "move earth, cranes in the sky and weld steel" sentence but I really like the music. Thanks for sharing this. I don't think Metrolinx should have taken it down. I mean, blogTO went way overboard that it caused this kind of reaction. If Metrolinx believed that strongly in the message, why take it down?

C.J. Smith said...

I have to ask the same question. The excuse was it needed re-editing. Hopefully seven minutes gets shaved off.

Bicky said...

Shave seven minutes? It's only 4 minutes long... and not that bad. But unless it's a reasonable fare, I doubt I'll use it.

C.J. Smith said...

Several minutes. I was trying for ha ha. I'm too tired.

Dan-1 said...

I bet even the investors/stakeholders/etc were thinking "how much more of this BS do I have to listen to?!" at the 30 second mark.

Squiggles said...

A) Haven't watched, so I cannot comment on the video.

B) What I can comment on is that I read an article within the last few months saying that the Airport Express will cease to operate. Mostly because they do not feel they can compete with this rail line.

Personally, I like the Airport Express. They picked me up at a convenient location and they were fairly cheap - $22 to the airport. Dropped right off at the doors to the terminal. (Sidenote: on December 22, 2012, my airport bus did crap out on the Gardiner. So there is that.)

But $30 is too much one way. Especially once you factor in the fare to get to Union to catch this train.

Anonymous said...

The video relentlessly over hypes this rail link (something that should have been built years ago rather than as an afterthought) as though it's some kind of revolution in rail travel. They have prettied up union station and built a 4km "spur" off the GO line that goes to the airport. Big deal.

Anonymous said...

It should accept PRESTO if it's Metrolinx.