Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Whole lotta entitlement going on at Centennial GO parking garage

Hi CJ,

Just want to let you know that uncivilized drivers had been a perpetual problem at Centennial Station. Quite a few "regulars" take a "shortcut" to the upper floors by driving up the down ramp, and I've witnessed a few near-accidents and physical confrontations. I've discussed this with a GO personnel at the station and she said the parking structure is managed by the City of Markham and thus out of their hands.

And see attached, taken at 8:04am today. The car will probably be at the parking structure for the rest of the day. Please post this - like to know if anyone from GO or the City would do anything about it. I'm not holding my breath...

(Please do not post my name or email address... Call me "Jarrod". :) )


Anonymous said...

GO stations have signage indicating that you should call parking: 1.877.297.0642.

Anonymous said...

How may people would it take to lift that car up and turn it around by 90 degrees? Any strong volunteers want to meet there tomorrow morning?

Anonymous said...

Putting nails under the tires would teach that driver good!