Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Metrolinx learns tough lesson after pulling video "quietly" uploaded to YouTube about Union-Pearson (UP) Express after it gets laughed at

I can't even ... when I got a text message about this, I HAD TO SHARE (screw packing - this is important).

I am bummed, BUMMED, I didn't get to see the promotional video that caused a writer over at BlogTO to poke fun at its "epic"-ness.

If the parody video (shown below) is any indication of what the promo video was like, it most certainly was bad-ass and made some amazing claims about the UP rail line and what it services. I mean, there's a line in the voice-over for the parody that says, "The engine lasts forever".

Just how bad was the original video that caused $18,000 to produce? We won't ever know. Metrolinx's media spokeswoman said it was removed for "further editing".

The Toronto Star story has more.

Apparently the promotional video reminded the writer at BlogTO of this video, which pokes fun at branded content.


Bicky said...

From what I understand the voiceover person was too excited about the UP Express. I didn't get to see it either.

Can't imagine being that excited over something that is rumoured to cost $20-$30 per trip. (Price not yet set.)

April said...

I always tell my children that the internet is forever; anything put on the internet is accessible forever. Once it is out there, it is out there. You can delete it from where you posted it but that doesn't mean someone else hasn't already copied it.

Please Lord of the Interwebs, prove me right and let that video surface.

Dan-1 said...

I saved a copy of it. If you want me to email it to you CJ, just ask ;)

(Unless someone at GO Transit bribes me to keep it silent...)

Although I like the retro-illustrations it uses, overall it just comes off as an overhyped piece of turd they overpaid some marketing company to generate. It's like the UPE is being branded as the cure for cancer or something.

C.J. Smith said...

OF COURSE I WANT A COPY! No one is bribing anyone.

Anonymous said...

I want a copy too!!!

April said...

Ha! I love being right. You will share this with us, won't you CJ?

Squiggles said...

ooooo.... please post! I heard "wonderful" things about it but it was removed before I could see it (silly extra-long long weekends).

C.J. Smith said...

I got the lawyers on it. Google cache for Youtube says it was shared publicly. It could have been downloaded by anyone. Just waiting on a link

Dan-1 said...

Since I received no silencing bribes, I forwarded my copy of the video to CJ so she can do what she will with it. I know of one or two other individuals in transit agencies showing copies of it to their friends at work as an example of $18,000 of wasted overproduced BS as well. :)