Monday, August 25, 2014

Men taking up too much space on the train

Via email from JY

The subject basically explains the whole blog but my gosh, some of these men act like they have no spine. 

I see this kind of bullshit on the GO Train all the time -- nobody wants to see your fruit basket wide and open.

Some of these men's excuses are simply because they have testicles between their thighs and they need to make room for them. As a gender that possesses testicles, I can tell you that you indeed can sit with your damn legs closed and have your testicles be okay. Theress just a simple technique and you gotta make sure your pants aren't so tight.

Lazy, lazy, lazy men!


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I can't stand these tossers. I'm a guy and I can't count how many times I've sat next to someone who feels compelled to open their legs as wide as possible.

Squiggles said...

Last week, I was sitting kitty-corner from one of these individuals. Much to my surprise, after the quad emptied, he took up even more space! I thought no one person could take up enough for 3 people, but sure enough, he did. Then got cranky when I asked him to move so I could get out.

Anyhoodles, I always end up thinking that no one's junk is that big. Close your legs.

Anonymous said...

"Anyhoodles, I always end up thinking that no one's junk is that big. Close your legs."

You'd be surprised then ;)
Granted, I'd agree that the vast majority of these douche's are packing at best average sized equipment(its simply a matter of percentages). But there are the lucky(or unlucky, lest in some ways) few of us that are 'above average' and I'll have you know having one's junk squeezed in-between the equivalent of two vices is in NO WAY comfortable! So I'm really sorry that this practice actually seems to upset some people(talk about 1st world problems...), but I basically have no choice but to give the frank and the beans the breathing room they need. Mind you I do believe I go about it respectfully as I only sit down when there actually is room around me, otherwise I will stand- the whole way if I have to. So if your sitting across the isle from me and my wide open legs are bothering you- DONT LOOK THERE. And I'll try not to stare at the ample cleavage your displaying for everyone(double standard much?). There that was too hard now was it??

Squiggles said...

Unless you are hung like a horse, your legs don't need to touch every chair in the quad. And I have seen this. And tried to get around it. It doesn't work. I am not saying your knees need to touch. I am saying you do not need to be spread like you are in gyno stirrups.