Thursday, November 27, 2014

Damn you Megan Jones and your common name says the blogger with an equally common name

I got this email last night.
I guess it was supposed to make me feel bad and drive me to drown my sorrow in a 2-litre tub of peanut butter ice cream, but it didn't.
All it did was make me want to find out where Megan Jones works so I could add her to my ever-growing Christmas card list. Problem is, there are tons of Megan Jones on LinkedIN and I'm too scared to re-import my contact list (she's not on it so she must be a second connection? To one of you?) because I don't want to bombard 800 or so people again.

from: Jones, Megan
date: Wed, Nov 26, 2014 at 6:21 PM
subject: LinkedIN

Thank you not so very much for your LinkedIN request.
Are you that desperate in your overzealous quest for popularity that you now have to beg complete strangers to be friends with you?
I was surprised when I saw the email. Then I felt sorry for you. I'm not sure what you were hoping to accomplish but I see others were more than happy to accommodate you as your connections have grown to over 80 people.
You are a sad woman. I feel sorry for your husband and your daughter.
If running amok across the internet and social media is how you manage your self-esteem, your daughter is going to have a tough go at it in life.

Megan Jones


Jules said...

wow that is one miserable Megan Jones! she sounds a little jealous at your growing popularity.

C.J. Smith said...

I haven't replied to her but I want to, which goes against the advice my cattorneys who lay it out for me, and I really do mean they lay it out for me, often in long stretches, that I do not engage the "haters".

Tina said...

I work with a Megan Jones but there's no way this is her and if it is, then I am shocked. I accepted your request and have Megan as a connection. You may have sent requests to your connections' connections which a people you may know feature. But I really don't think it's her but for shits and giggles I will ask her if she knows your site.

C.J. Smith said...

Hi Tina,
No need. It was not my intention to trigger a witch hunt but to merely highlight the kind of low-blows I get - and by low, I mean throwing daggers at my child. The fact that she knows I have a husband and child tells me she's more of a fan then she lets on and this is the part I try to understand.
If you don't like me, why waste your time reading about me?

Anonymous said...

I love that we're connected on LinkedIn. This way you can offer me a job and pay me in cat food. Meow.

Anonymous said...

Wow a little over the top reply...what a lovely woman this Megan Jones is!

outburst said...

The definition of 'running amok' on the internet is trolling, i.e., the new bullying in the digital age, which frankly is what Megan Jones is doing.
You explained the LinkedIn thing. I got an email too, deleted it since I'm not a member, no biggie. That's the nature of any online networking platform from FB to Google, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. They regularly want you to spam your contact list because it means traffi c and revenue for them. Press the wrong button once, which is easy to do, and poof!
And as far as managing your self-esteem goes I think you've displayed much more humility and courage than these trolls do. Take the high road and let them wallow under their bridges.

Anonymous said...

And there I was thinking I'd be specially selected and invited, sniff...