Monday, November 10, 2014

Did you know bicycles aren't allowed on rush hour GO trains?

And here's a perfect example as to why.


According to the photographer, this was on the Richmond Hill train and no, he never lifted a butt cheek.


Anonymous said...

It shouldn't be left up to fellow passengers to deal will people like this who ignore the GO signage.
GO should have people on the platforms to speak to rule breakers before boarding. Including smokers.
CRA's don't even enforce The Quiet Zone.
I'm not paying over $220/month to do their job.

Squiggles said...

The thing is Anon: there is signage, there are announcements. There are GO employees who have stopped people with bikes from boarding the trains (I saw it at Union once). But these people will do what they want, because there are no consequences to their actions. Or because they are special little butterflies who can do no wrong.

Anonymous said...

It's a real problem when the enforcers need enforcing: (copy & paste to browser address bar).

Unknown said...

Uh, Anonymous, there's nothing wrong with taking a bike on non-peak direction GO trains, even at peak times. If it was an Aldershot-Union trip at 4:36pm, then the TSO wasn't doing anything wrong with his bike on that train.

Anonymous said...

@ Squiggles
Then GO trains need a CSA person to speak directly to the offenders. People will choose to ignore signs, no matter how many are posted. As every Quiet Zone on the GO Train illustrates. GO / MetroLinx can certainty afford to have 1 or 2 CSA's travel the length of the train for it's trip duration. GO commuter's shouldn't have to approach offenders. We've read on this blog the altercations between commuters. GO CSA's are trained for this and qualified.

C.J. Smith said...

^^^ Exactly, YET, on Twitter and on Facebook, GO's Social Media team constantly advises passengers to enforce rules or speak up and ask people to shut up.

Squiggles said...

@ Anon: Agreed. But it will never happen. Even if the fare checkers said something, it would be a vast improvement.

But in truth (like I said above) I did see it happen. The guy with bike turned away. Then got onto a different coach further down, once the CSA had to go back to his coach.

George said...

I saw something interesting this afternoon on the way home.
A guy got two tickets, one for non-payment and another for bringing a bike on a rush hour train. Standing room only and this guy forces people to move away from the end into the aisle because of his big-ass bike.
I was amazed to see this happen.