Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kantar Worldpanel study reveals our time-wasting activities as commuters vary according to method of transport we use

But what exactly do we do with the time?

Turns out it really depends on what kind of commuter you are.

Subway folk are more likely to have their nose in a book or newspaper and are more likely to drown out fellow passengers with music.

Bus passengers like to talk and text - a lot, which makes you the most popular person on the bus.

According to this article, bus passengers are the least likely to bring work on-board with them.

Commuter train passengers like to pass the time playing games. This is totally me. I Angry Bird for most of my train rides.

For the full story, with graphs! Click here.


Squiggles said...

I wonder how much of the habits are dictated by the vehicle, more than the type of commuter. On the subway, there really isn't wifi/cell coverage, so you cannot talk or stream. Therefore, reading is the best way to pass the time. On the train, you have a little more room (some trains in Europe have the fold down table), so you can realistically get some work done.

It is interesting.

Jennifer said...

^ Exactly what I was thinking! Could you imagine trying to get work done while being jostled around on a bus? Personally, I can't read on the bus either due to motion sickness. But the train or streetcar is fine for that.