Friday, November 14, 2014

This morning I broke up a fight in the Quiet Zone and now I have to move and switch corridors

Just kidding. Although the person did snap off a pic of me, I have no idea what for, so if you see WANTED posters Monday morning in the Union GO Concourse - now you know.

I couldn't help myself. If I see a person in need, I'll jump in. It's what I do.

It all started around Ajax on the 7:15 train that originates in Oshawa. Some guy in a suit answered his phone, suggested two other people get patched in (not sure if he was in a motorcycle gang or I just watch too much Sons of Anarchy) and did the one thing any GO commuter, in a Quiet Zone or not, hates - he put his call on SPEAKER.

I was watching "Let's Be Cops" on my phone. I was sitting opposite of him and I heard everything over the sound of my movie. The lady next to me? NOT IMPRESSED.

She gave it until Pickering before she leaned over and tapped his knee and told him he should take his call downstairs. He waved his hand at her with an annoyed look on his face and shifted in his seat so he was facing the aisle. The call was about Chicago and some sort of office move. It seems Raj didn't come in with the cabling system like he promised he would at 5 am this morning, and Bettina is waiting in reception for him and she's mad.

You know who else is mad? The lady beside me.

She got up and excused herself to move past me and stepped into the aisle. She asked the man to end the call. She wasn't the only person annoyed but she was the only person willing to say anything about it.

I had paused my movie and sat there waiting for the moment when I would step in. The guy told the people on the line with him he'd call them back when he got into the city. He made a dramatic point of pressing the end button on his phone. This is when I clapped my hands really loud and fast for a few seconds and said, "Thank you!" Around me a few people chuckled and others squirmed uncomfortably.

He stood up so he and the woman were now face to face in the aisle. Yep - this is my cue! I stood up and got between the woman and the man. I told the guy to calm down. At one point, he said to her, "You know, you people, you think you can just say what you want." How do I put this into context as to why the way he said, "You people" was offensive? I'll just leave that to how you want to interpret it because many of you are very smart.

Someone called out that we should "take it outside" - ha ha ha, very funny.

I said to the woman we should go downstairs and we left, but of course, this guy had to get his 50 cents in and called us bitches as we walked down the stairs. Charming, right?

At Union, my new BFF thanked me again for coming to her defense and I exited the train. I stood on the platform for a few moments to adjust the cuff of my jeans. I was interrupted by a tap on my back. When I stood up, it was office move douche who shoved his phone in my face and took my picture. "Thanks," he said, "I'll need that for later." And he sauntered off. It caught me off guard so I had no time to react.

"Need that for later?" For what? Twitter? Facebook? The six o'clock news?


Anonymous said...

Good! Now you'll know what it feels like to have your photo plastered on the internet!!!!!

Squiggles said...

CJ! CJ! CJ! Three cheers!

My guess: the 6pm news. Or maybe a nice internal memo in his office as to why his douchy behaviour was not appreciated on the train. Complete with photos.

I am always *impressed* with those people who think they are special and that everyone wants to hear them. That and I am eternally grateful that I have never had a confrontation about the Quiet Zone. I have had people mock me, but mostly apologies and them moving. Maybe because at the butt-crack of dawn, not many people feel like talking.

C.J. Smith said...

Um, my photo is already "plastered on the internet!!!!!!"

It's on this site, Twitter, Facebook, The Toronto Star ...

Dakota said...

No worries CJ. Your regular readers have your back.

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome!!

Bicky said...

And the good folks at GO Transit and Metrolinx think the Quiet Zone is a rousing success. *eyeroll* Sure it is.

What a prick he was.

Michael Suddard said...

...and Metrolinx offices, GO Transit employee of the month award (in John Pinette style... She doesn't even work there!), places of worship,... CJ's picture is everywhere!

Skin Man said...

I've had two quiet zone encounters, both unpleasant. It's clear to me that people who are called out for their uncivilized behaviour react with anger and indignation b/c remorse is too hard.