Friday, November 21, 2014

So this exists on commuter trains in Galway, Ireland


dOxxxicle said...

Power points and USB ports?

C.J. Smith said...

So awesome.

Anonymous said...

The problem is we only have a limited amount of power available as the HEP engine(Head End Power) can only supply so much juice. It's a separate and smaller engine located behind the primary mover in the locomotive. In the winter or summer the HVAC units use a ton of power. I think people would rather not freeze their butts off just so that they can charge their phones instead. It has happened in the past, too much power gets used and it overloads the system and then you get nothing.

Other places can do it because either; A) their rail systems are electrified which greatly increases how much power can be used. B) their climate is more hospitable and doesn't require excess use of HVAC to keep everyone comfortable. C) There trains are not as long, GO trains are some of the longest commuter trains in the world, which means less power is needed for HVAC and other essential systems. Hope that helps.

signed; You ride the crazy train I just drive it.

TomW said...

The heating and A/C would use less power if they were set to something sensisble.

If it was as hot outside as it was on the train today, the A/C would be on. I wish GO would realise that people on the train in winter have winter clothes on(!), and anything over 18-20C is unnecessary.