Thursday, June 25, 2015

I went and thanked all these smokers for their co-operation before I boarded the bus

... Then I told the asshole sucking cancer right outside the bus door that he can walk 40 metres to the smoking area and puff there. I didn't even let him get a "but" in before I told him he was compromising the health and safety of the bus driver, who is at work, in his office, and who is protected by the law to not be subjected to harmful second-hand smoke while he operates his vehicle. I could see a "fuck you" forming on this ape's lips so I told him if he had any further objections, we could wait for the police to decide who has the upper hand.

And seriously, rather than just move over to where  he could smoke - freely - he threw his cigarette to the ground, tossed his hands up the air and started yelling at me about his "rights". I boarded the bus. I couldn't listen to his shit anymore.


Squiggles said...

It is the sense of entitlement that gets me. People have bent over backwards to help these people out, but it is never enough. They need more and more.

I wish I could do something similar to the Walking Ashtray that gets on my bus in the morning. He has been known the flick the ember out and stuff the remainder in his pocket to finish up later.

I am very close to giving up the bus. With the co-fare going up almost every year, it is no longer cheaper to take the bus than to drive and the smoking is one of the reasons why.

Nora1968 said...

LOL - what "rights" was he referring to? His apparent "right" to blatantly break the law? His right to endanger his health and everyone else's? His right to just do whatever he wants, anytime and all the time, just because? It's really too bad it didn't get to the "policy showing up" stage - that way, if got too out of hand, the cop could have accommodated him with a clear and precise reading of his rights :-)

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Be careful. People have "the right to" physically terrorize anyone who "dares" to behave "unpleasantly" towards them.

Carolyn said...

Well, your strategy worked- you got his lungs a break, for a while.