Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tokens give way to Presto starting next year on TTC

The TTC will begin phasing out the sale of tickets and tokens next year as it progresses with the wide-scale roll-out of the Presto smart card.

The old fare media will be sold until the end of 2016 and accepted until mid-2017.

But at some point, those tickets and tokens will be phased out completely, said…


Anonymous said...

Thanks God Presto works just fine otherwise this would be a disaster

Kristina said...

^I call sarcasm. Right? RIGHT?? ;)

MATT said...

Ho hum. Considering a large number of TTC users start at least one leg of their commute at a station or a method (ie: bus) that isn't PRESTO-ready, this is much ado about nothing.

I'd love to use Presto to ride the TTC home from King Station, but I'm not going to bother loading a presto card when I'd still need to buy tokens to board the bus in the morning which cost the exact same $2.80 per fare. I'll wait until whenever PRESTO is on TTC buses (they say 2016, but who are we kidding?) before I get up in arms over anything.