Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Looks nothing like the cartoon! So disappointed. I was waiting for the bus when this guy showed up. He didn't even laugh.


April said...

That is a hairy woodpecker (don't ask me, I see no hair either). Woody was a pileated woodpecker. Much larger. The bigger the pecker, the bigger the mischief.

Anonymous said...

Wahahaha Wahahaha WAAAAAAA

Gotta love Woody

C.J. Smith said...

This is why I like blogging. I learn stuff.

George said...

We have a red headed woodpecker family living across the road from us in a dead tree by a trail.

That little bugger can wake up the entire area by 8 am with all the noise he makes. Drives the dog insane trying to find out where all the racket is from.

But he is cool to watch though walking up and down the trees. I was watching them make their nest earlier when each and every time they made a wood chip, one dropped it to the ground and the other one picked it up and carried it away. If only my kids were that neat.

Mary said...

We had a Woody in our tree ; hammering on a bat house. A very hollow bat house! He was determined to find something in the wood of that bat house. Good times.