Tuesday, June 16, 2015

So apparently commuting in from the GTHA suburbs is a better love story than commuting in from the Boston area suburbs

My roving US reporter sent this in after salivating over photos of the new Bombardier coaches we're set to be rolling along in soon.

That paneling! Those two-tone leatherette seats! But seriously? +1 for luggage racks.


Anonymous said...

Boston commuter trains are old but retro cool. I had to commute in one time from a northern suburb and the train station was located so that the train had to stop across a road. Very quaint

Warren Downe said...

Is “rich Corinthian leather” making a comeback? Awesome! I wonder how many items would come tumbling off the luggage rack where the ride is rather rocky and the car shakes from side to side, like crossing the Rouge River on the LSE.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

They could also use luggage racks in a lot of public restrooms as well.
Especially if I've been shopping at CVS or someplace like that and am walking home afterwards.