Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Service Guarantee Claims - the system struggles to be "up to date" so you should always call if you're denied

date:Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 9:05 AM
subject:LSE 17.20

Just an FYI: I spoke to someone at GO this morning because my train last night was late.  Again.  Second day in a row.

Monday's delay was ok for the Service Guarantee and I am now waiting my 5 days for my refund.

Last night's delay is a bit different.  The train was 15 mins late leaving Union.  Then it pretty much crawled to most of the stops.  When we were getting close to Pickering, the CSR reminded everyone to check the website and claim the guarantee.

This morning, I went to do just that.  And was greeted with this message:

So, I called.  I gave up after about the third option menu and hit the "0" several times to actually talk to someone.

The Representative (I wish I remembered his name) was very kind and couldn't figure out why the system was coming back with  message.  He checked in the back end, thinking someone entered incorrect information in the back end.

In the end, he took my information and said he will reimburse the fare for last night.  

But I think if anyone else was on that train last evening and sees the above message they need to call and talk to them and claim it regardless.

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Bicky said...

For the amount of money spent on this system, you'd think it would work correctly.

Am I new? No but I have high expectations.