Monday, June 8, 2015

UPX Was Never To Break Even

With all the hoopla surrounding the launch of service on the Union-Pearson Express (aka UPX or UP Express), it was refreshing to learn today from no less than the CEO of Metrolinx, Bruce McCuaig, that the line will never cover its costs.
Cast your mind back to the days of Prime Minister Chr├ętien and his Transport Minister, David Collonette (1997-2003). They had a dream of an express train from Union Station to Pearson Airport, a service that would be built, owned and operated at no cost to the government through the magic of private enterprise. SNC Lavalin was to be the lucky proprietor.


outburst said...

I've seen two prominent people take that train and tweet about it. Steve Paiken, with a $300,000 salary on the public dime, who tweeted about how lovely it was, and showed pictures of an otherwise empty train.
A few days ago John Tory tweeted about his lovely experience on the UP, showing lovely photos of an empty train.
Then last night the Ontario Ombudsman tweeted about it, complaining Union was a mess (no surprise to the rest of us!), and again, showing pictures of an empty train. This, coming from a guy who commutes back and forth from Toronto to Ottawa every weekend, paid for by Ontario's taxpayers.
It was never intended to recoup its costs, because it was clearly designed as a service for the elite and privileged.

Anonymous said...

This makes no sense. It cost us - the taxpayer a fortune to build it and yet most of us can't afford to ride it and it won't make us any money. So what have we achieved? A private train service for the elite?

If the TTC had any money or sense they would have planned for a rail link years ago, but, well, they can't even run what they have so this is what we get.

Mind boggling...

TomW said...

I find it hard to believe that people paying hundreds of dollars for a flight can't afford $27 for the train.