Thursday, June 9, 2016

Batman and Robin stumble upon DRT’s Bus Tracker

Special to This Crazy Train
by Yew Wannanohooiam

Holy public transit, Batman!  What did Durham Region Transit do to that sign?

It appears they added the stop number, Robin, which can mean only one thing, namely, DRT has implemented real-time bus information.  Quickly, Robin, launch the mobile Batbrowser and point it at the DRT website!

You’re right, Batman.  There it is on the home page!

Follow that link, Robin, and enter the bus stop number.

We’re in luck, Batman, there’s a bus due in ten minutes.

Continue to monitor, Robin.  I wonder if it’s actually reporting real-time information or just the time remaining to the posted schedule.

Look, Batman, it’s now reporting the scheduled departure time!

Excellent, Robin.  Let’s see what happens as the bus approaches.

Holy chronograph, Batman!  There’s the bus now, and that’s what the website is reporting!

Just as I knew it would, Robin.  The citizens of Durham Region now have real-time bus information to tell them when their next scheduled bus will arrive.  Hopefully, the remaining DRT tools will be rolled out in short order.

Holy pax, Batman!  GO Transit bus riders still don’t have their real-time bus facility.  That’s criminal!

If, Robin, you mean GO Transit management haven’t delivered on their promise of almost three years ago, whilst burdening their customers with inflationary fare increases year after year, then yes, that’s criminal.

Let’s return to the Batcave, Robin.  There are some PRESTO matters that require our attention.

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