Monday, June 13, 2016



Tal Hartsfeld said...

These public and commercial places never seem to have enough room or space to "accommodate everybody" do they?

Rory said...

The even more annoying thing is that since that person is technically within their lines, they can't even be given a ticket.

Jules said...

This is when I fling my door open just for the heck of it.
Benefits of driving an old car, and no I don't care. I'm tired of these entitled douche nuggets. I parked at the grocery store one day and came out to a nice shiny black beemer parked on an angle that made it difficult to get into my car, I noticed as I crawled in that he had a nice long key scratch in his car. No doubt this wasn't an isolated incident of him driving like a douche. Not that I condone vandalism, it's just sometimes people bring the karma onto themselves.

Anonymous said...

I think we should refrain from rushing to judgment on this one as we don't even know what's going on the other side. Perhaps there's a car on the drivers side of the white vehicle which is on the line or even past it forcing this person to park like that. Which by way he is still legally allowed too since he isn't even over the line. It's not fair to judge unless you've seen the whole picture.

I also happen to do this every day to the women who parks next to me in the underground parking at my condo, but for good reason. She's got about 5 feet of space on the passenger side but for some damn reason she always has to park about a foot away from the line on my side which makes it difficult for me to get into because I'm right next to the wall. So after I squeeze into my spot I adjust my car so that I'm nearly on top of the line leaving her with about the same amount of space seen above. FTR I drive a Toyota while she drives a Benz so I'm not worried about her flinging her door open on me. Yet she never learns her lesson, guess some people don't mind climbing in through the passenger side.