Tuesday, June 28, 2016

GO Transit never seems to learn from past screw-ups, do they?


G said...

It was a shit show, which they blame on "operational issues". Uh... doesn't that mean that they screwed up their own schedule change? Yet their official response says that it will take a while for customers to get used to the new schedule. Hey, I was ready yesterday. It's GO that was unprepared.

Unknown said...

At least they mixed up the lies yesterday. I had texts saying operational issues, track switch malfunctions, constructions, etc.

But a complete gong show it was. They just can't seem to get their act together.

Ally said...

They should have asked the riders for feedback BEFORE implementing these changes.

For instance, for those who take the LSE train in the morning after it departs Pickering (such as myself), have only one option of the 7:36 (from Pickering) which makes all stops to Union - all the rest start from Oshawa, and are packed like sardines by the time it arrives to my station. The same could be stated for the afternoon, the only reasonable trains one could take are the 3:43 or 5:15. I'm not sure how many would be able to take the 3:43, but by 5:15 - again, it will be busy and unfair to those who don't commute to Pickering and beyond.


Anonymous said...

I hate the commute on Monday morning and afternoon.. from Pickering to Union.. they removed 749 express and made it 752, are they crazy? have they done they're analysis before doing this, then there was a medical emergency probably somebody passed out .. it was too crowded and too warm, ... The AC just stopped blowing cold air, my morning shower didn't do justice I drench from my own sweat after riding 752 express ride .. is that worth my fare ??? ridiculous!

Ed said...

Hey how did chili rubbed steak get in amongst the GO messages? That's seems to be the important one that might have been lost in the clutter.

I'd hate to miss that one because of GO delays.....

Anonymous said...

AGreed it was a GONG show, but at least they refunded the fares for the day. Neither of my trains were the service guarantee time of 15 minutes late in total, but due to their incompetence, I got my money back.

Also, you know the operational issues were likely the GO operations & operators not being used to the new schedule..sigh...and I hear it's only temporary?

Anonymous said...

The problems with the new schedule/updated schedule for the new board period (from what I can remember) originate from what Metrolinx IT claims is the rail service provider's inability to upload the new schedule files into the Real-Time Scheduling Information (RTSI) system. At least that's what they claim.

And RTSI was the backbone data provider for the online timetables system released in 2013:

Yet the people responsible for this mess got promoted into management.

RTSI was the foundation for the Customer Communications Management System (that posts the service status messages):
p.17, 29 (slide 32)
p. 4

As you can see, they are still trying to reduce the problems associated with CCMS, and ultimately RTSI. However, it's hopeless because the people who created all these problems are IT management's favourites, so instead of dealing with the problem, they just put the blame on others, who almost all happen to be Chinese (they all end up getting their contracts ended early or fired).