Monday, June 27, 2016

What was your favourite thing about this morning's mess? This was mine


Bicky said...

The only thing I noticed this morning is that there were a lot fewer people on my train (most were likely going to take the next one which is now express after Pickering) and we came in on a different track/platform. New CSA too.

Going home, might be a different story. I still don't know which train I'll be taking home.

G said...

I used to take the 6:47am express train out of Oshawa, but that one no longer exists (it's now all-stops) so the choices are 6:33am or 7:03am. I went with the former, worried that the parking situation might be dicey closer to 7am. It was slightly late but otherwise went smoothly. The main downside is that I arrive at work 15 minutes earlier but I doubt I'll get to leave earlier.

Anonymous said...

the schedules are to be revised again in the fall
this is supposedly just to accommodate construction and it was said summer would be best since volume is lower (vacations and post secondary schools are closed)

karen said...

I read that on Twitter, too. And a comment that these times were established around where trains could pull in and VIA schedules.