Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Came for a fight - got owned

Two women boarded my bus last night after - judging by their conversation - spending some time at a visitation at a nearby funeral home. Whoever died was young, and predeceased by a parent. Lots of comments about how she is with her father now. God will take care of her ... and other sentiments made by those who have faith in the afterlife and Heaven.

Enter asshole chainsmoker (ACS) in the cut-off jeans. He starts mumbling at first and then gets louder as the women's conversation continues. Eventually he pipes up asking them to "shut up about Jesus and God" and "all the other lies about where people go when they die".

These ladies weren't talking loudly. I could hear them because they were directly behind me. ACS was in a seat directly beside them. One of the women told him to mind his own business and suggested his mother would be ashamed of him if she heard how he talked to a complete stranger. He fires back with "my mom fucking taught me to speak my mind."

The woman would have none of it. She pulls out her phone and asks ACS for his mother's phone number so she can call her herself and discuss the situation. ACS tells her she's crazy. She tells him he needs to "grow a pair and man up to his lies." At the front of the bus, you could see the driver slowly lean over searching for her bag of popcorn.

He mumbles something and tells them he doesn't need to listen to them anymore. Both women suggest he take another bus. He just rolls his eyes and tells them to call Jesus. Weak. He exited the bus before me.

When I got off at my stop I told the women I thought they handled ACS beautifully. They both laughed and one mentioned she's a retired high school teacher - this was nothing, she says.

No doubt.

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