Friday, June 3, 2016

Last night I asked my seat mates if they minded if I ate some peanuts and this guy chewed me out for asking

We had just left Whitby. Coach isn't very full. I'm starving. Before I open my bag of peanuts that I have been craving since I bought them (I love the PC brand, salt and malt vinegar flavour) I asked the two ladies sitting next to me if they had a nut allergy. Both said they were free and clear. I opened my bag.

As we started to get off the train at Oshawa, this man sidled up to me and told me he would never ask others for "permission to eat food". "This is a free country and if people with nut allergies don't know how to manage in the real world - they should stay home," he said, all smug-like.

I told him it was none of his business why I asked and if I wanted his opinion, I'd give it to him.


G said...

I'm guessing this d-bag smokes on the platform, puts his feet on seats, and parks like an a-hole. Why be considerate of others?

C.J. Smith said...

I know, right?!
I'm mindful of this. All the people I know with a nut allergy are able to more than capably govern themselves but that doesn't mean I shouldn't ask.

Anonymous said...

He's right.