Thursday, December 2, 2010 asks, "What's the most annoying TTC rider behaviour?"

What constitutes the most annoying rider behaviour on the TTC is not as easy to determine as one might think. Ultimately, there's just too many egregious violations of basic etiquette to choose from. What's worse, after all, having a high school kid with an enormous book-filled backpack continuously bump into you or being tucked into a two-seater on a packed train with someone who hasn't showered in days?

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e said...

Well CJ... coming from a loyal TTC driver, I decided to vote for door blockers! Today, was a perfect example of it as 2 men stood in front of the door and not only did they not move to allow people to get in but the same for those getting out!
So after voting, I took a look at the results.. the WINNER is... Door Blockers! How nice to see that everyone is as annoyed as I am about them.

kary said...

People need to have a bit more tolerance. There are a dozen reasons why someone's hygiene isn't as good as it should be. I'm glad to see that the door-blockers won. That can generally be put down to rudeness.

C.J. Smith said...

Good point, Kary.

RonNasty said...
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RonNasty said...

And now there's an app for that: Subway Bingo! (