Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank you, you crazy lady, for telling me all about ...

.... your yeast infection!!!

For real. I really wanted to hear all about it. No! No! No! But you so went there!!!

See, when I was stifling my cough, I was stifling my cough so people on the train didn't think I was trying to bring the sick all up in here.

I appreciated your sympathy towards my bronchial woes and what antibiotics have worked for you, but I told you, over and over, I have asthma. Ain't no antibiotic in the world will cure it.

But no, you went on and on about the tamoxifenicillioncrap you took in 1992, and the raging yeast infection it caused, and how you read somewhere (this was before the internet was in our homes so lord knows where you read it, maybe in Good Housekeeping) how slathering yogurt all over your lady bits would solve the problem, only to discover it didn't, so you drove with a burning birth canal to the hospital and got some cream, which put out the fire.

The thing is, you couldn't even keep your damn voice down. You couldn't take the hint when the guy across from us turned up his music. He really didn't want to hear about you baking bread down there.

So thanks. That was super.



Anonymous said...

omg. wrong. so wrong! lol

C.J. Smith said...

I've had a lot of conversations with strangers on the train but this one, by far, was the most ridiculous. And the thing is, and I don't know why, but while she was talking to me, I felt compelled to look at her crotch.

Like it was going to give me a thumbs up or something.


Nikki Frodo said...

LOL...I had the misfortune of having a coworker tell me that she had a yeast infection. She went to the doctor, he gave her a choice of taking medication or using a cream to which she used a hand gesture to let me know how the cream is to be used and where. It was a visual that still creeps me out. TMI