Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A haunting in Georgetown

Mike, a man who lives near the Mount Pleasant GO station in Brampton, which is on the Georgetown Corridor, swears that the ghost of a small boy haunts a stretch of track from Mount Pleasant Station to Georgetown Station. For reference, Mike drew us a map (shown below) of where the boy haunts:

Mike originally texted me about the Georgetown Ghost. You can read our text exchange here.

Unbloodybelievably, I got an email tonight from a woman named Barb who backs Mike's claim. She's a former neighbour and friend of Mike's who used to ride the Georgetown GO line for many years before she retired this February. She attached a photo taken from her cellphone in January of a ghostly figure she says she's seen while on the train just outside of Mount Pleasant station. She believes this figure to be of the young boy that no one can tell me anything about, who was killed by a train back God knows when.

Just give me a date people. Anything ... a name?

She apologizes for the poor quality of the photo. Of course she does! Every single photo of almost all unexplained phenomena just happens to be of poor quality despite the fact that most of us are walking around with state-of-the-art camera phones. Funny how all the pictures of Bigfoot are grainy as shit but when people find a cockroach in their McDonald's hamburger, the photos are clear as clear can be.

I'm just sayin'.


Lionel said...

It looks like a Cactus wearing a paper bag.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I see nothing except a opaque blob that looks a little disproportionate in size.

noit a dirty turnip said...

Sounds like Barb's been dialing up some crazy.

Dan said...

Ghosts don't come out in the daylight, maybe it was one of those rail-fan characters. Or a trespasser who managed to hear the train through his blaring iPod and get off the tracks in time.

Barb Carmichael said...

I respectfully disagree with Dan. Ghosts, spirits, apparitions are seen during the day. This photo is blurry because the train was moving.

I'm not asking CJ or anyone to believe me. She asked for photographic evidence and I supplied it.

As for whose spirit this is, all I know is for years, lore says it's a young boy.

If someone wants to take time to research it, that's up to them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, to me, it looks like a fire hydrant or a Nevada cactus