Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's getting close to the end of the year so ...

... after two years of first Facebook status updating my GO experiences and then migrating to this blog, I've decided, triggered after a reporter asked me what some of my most memorable blog posts were, to create a Top 10. I don't know if the story will be published but the interview brought back such fond memories, it'd be a shame not to share.
  1. Bag rider of the week
  2. Joaquin Phoenix
  3. Skunk
  4. Garlic
  5. Ear
  6. Oral hygiene
  7. Service cat
  8. Crazy lady!
  9. Chow mien and then none
  10. Well at least he wasn't driving


RonNasty said...

Maybe you should have a poll where we vote for the best story. I still get a chuckle from #10.

C.J. Smith said...

I have to look into how I can do user input fields for such a poll but that's a great idea.