Monday, August 15, 2011

And now for something completely random

1. I like to walk underground to work which I know irks my friends who like to walk above ground. The truth is, I can't handle cigarette smoke and because the crowds are so tight heading north on Bay, I will inhale it. I already have asthma. I don't want lung cancer, too. I'm not about to start bitching about people who smoke outside. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

2. Why in the hell are people wearing winter coats today? Is there a frost warning I missed?

3. I painted my fireplace mantel this weekend after sanding and priming the hell out of it. I can't lift my arms any higher than my boobs. On the train, a friend commented that I move like a robot.

4. For those who carry three purses, briefcase bags, satchels and backpacks, can I ask you be mindful of those sitting on the outside seats of quads? I don't like being smacked in the shoulder, arm or head with your dirty bag that you've dragged all over Durham-Toronto - where it's been placed on the floors of bathroom stalls, etc...

5. I walked behind a woman in the GO parking lot this morning who was engaged in a loud conversation on her mobile about her dog's knee surgery. Coincidentally, Delia texted me about a woman talking on the train about her dog and its knee surgery all the way to Union. I wound up behind this same woman again in the GO Concourse and she was still talking about her dog. Sixty minutes. A dog. Conversations before 9am should be outlawed for some people.

6. Is it coincidence that gum packs now mimic cigarette packs in their designs? Is this a psychological effort? I've drawn this conclusion because chewing gum was how my dad quit smoking.


Anonymous said...

wow what a miserable outlook on life

C.J. Smith said...

1? or 2 - 5?

FRED said...

Clearly, anonymous #1, you don't ride the GO train so it's all lost on you.

Embrace it. Don't become a broken, tragic soul like the rest of us.

Fred's Wife said...


Someone needs to stop at the laugh factory and pick up a giggle.

RonNasty said...

What's with all those future cancer patients anyway? Doesn't the law of averages say there should be fewer of them? I will always choose being outdoors to taking the underground cattle run, that's why I hope for inclement weather.

Delia said...

The woman talking on the phone was incredibly obnoxious. I learned more about her dog's knee surgery than I cared to know. I do wish I had the nerve to ask her to end the call or at least, lower her voice.