Thursday, August 25, 2011

Run Forrest! Runnn!

from: oshgoshitsoshawajosh
date Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 6:52 PM
subject GO Face Plant

Hey CJ!

Longtime reader. I have been patiently waiting for months for some action to happen around me worthy of an email to you.

Well I guess the stars aligned because I got my wish tonight. Not that I would wish anything bad on anyone but one thing I can't stand are the friggen GO parking lot Olympiads who line up to exit at Oshawa, from as early as Ajax, so they can jump out when the doors open and hurdle themselves across the platform and into their cars.

However, a total win, are those steel gates they've got at Oshawa for the VIA construction is severely cramping the style of some of these people.

Anyways ... I'm walking from the forth from the last car, when this woman books it past me at Mach7, when all of a sudden, she makes this weird leap over the three-seater bench and does this spectacular face plant.

I searched all over YouTube for one just like the one she made but alas, came up empty.
BUT! This was the closest I could find. She fell in a similar fashion.

I hustled over to see if she was okay. A few other people joined me. After laying on the ground for several seconds, she jumped up, ignored us all, grabbed the stuff that fell out of her pockets and hobbled off. I was certain she'd broken something.

I kept an eye on her as I walked to my car. She had managed to pull out a cellphone. She was crying so I was positive she hurt herself. I went up to her, ready to offer to go get some ice, and she turned away from me. Into her phone she said, "There's this creep who keeps trying to talk to me."

Nice, huh? I hope she lost some teeth.

- Josh


Anonymous said...

how rude!
ps ... is your name supposed to have "shit" in it?

Josh said...

Ha ha ha

It supposed to say Osh Gosh Its Oshawa Josh

Walt said...

Moral of story: never help anyone.

Jeez, what an idiot of a woman.

What she was doing was projecting all her anger and embarrassment at herself for the idiot thing she'd just done onto you instead, Josh. Common self-defense tactic used by someone with Issues.

I would have screamed "you're welcome, ya (awful swear word)!" at the top of my lungs.

Dakota said...

@ Josh

As someone who recently took a bad fall at Union (I am was not running just tripped over uneven concrete)I appreciate it when someone stops to see if I am ok. I was highly embarrassed but was thankful for someone stopping to help me.

Anonymous said...

hahaha that is hilarious.
was it hard not to laugh?

Anonymous said...

lMFAO! Was she bloody? Like smashed up face or anything?

This is what happens when you try to be the nice guy, apparently that was a big FAIL. B*tch.

Svej said...

Wow what a bitch. I really don't understand why people run to their cars, they look ridiculous and they probably saved a whole TWO MINUTES, WHOA THAT'S A LOT! Oh well, at least it's entertaining for the rest of us.

Jen said...

Rude and completely unexcusable behaviour. Its nice to hear that there are people out there that still look after others. Check to make certain they are ok.

As much as I would love to see some people faceplant (and threaten to bring in fishing line to stop people from running down the halls at work) when it happens to you, it's embarrassing. But still no reason to ignore those around you and then claim that you are being stalked.

lswgirl13 said...

GOOD, I have no sympathy for people like that. I hope she hurt herself.

thotso said...

I would have stood there, covered my mouth with one hand and pointed with the other - laughing as loud as I could.

What a tool.

Josh said...

Nope, didn't laugh. I was too shocked too! She fell hard.