Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh my god, I need to lie down

There are so many people on Twitter who share my frustrations (other people call it "whining" but it's not). But not at GO/MetroLinx - this site was never about the "man". It's about our frustrations with the people who ride the "man" (Ha!).

The more I drive this site forward, the more I envision a movement. No, not that kind. One where more and more people find their voice and ask those bags to be moved. Demand that people put their damn feet on the floor. Ask that others respect the "No Smoking" signs. Request that people find their library voice and use it when carrying on marathon phone conversations at 6:20 am. Request that the volume be turned down on iPods.

Put away that stinky egg salad sandwich!

Re-claim the train!

Following up to 80 people on Twitter is like randomly inviting 80 strangers to your house for an impromptu neighborhood meeting. It's incredibly overwhelming.


kary said...

I like that clock.

pete said...

Me too!
And I like rum o'clock and half past vodka, and a quarter to gin.