Thursday, August 25, 2011

Comedy Gold!

Read Rebeccah and I's previous email exchange here

from: rebeccah t*bi*s
Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 7:09 AM
subject: my dad

hi again. i showed my dad ur website after u emailed me. i also showed a few other friends. i guess i was just in a bad mood. they think ur site is funny.
my dad siad it was funny. im sry if i made u mad or made u think i was mean. he told me uyr site is settire and siad it reminded him of pink floyd. i also want to mentin that i do speak english. i just type 2 fast. im 19 btw. one day i might find ur site funny.

to: rebeccah t*bi*s
Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 8:46 AM
subject: Re: my dad

Dear Rebeccah,
Did you mean satire?
I'm not sure I understand the comparison to Pink Floyd but I'll take it as a compliment regardless.
You didn't make me mad. I don't think you're mean.
Thank you for continuing to provide some great material for me.
Looking forward to reading some comments from your dad!



C.J. Smith said...

It's hard to tell sometimes if people are messin' with me. But this seems legit.

Ruth said...

Good God ... do you think she meant Monty Python?!

Jen said...

You can still type fast and use full words. In fact, if this was sent via email, then there is this handy thing called Spell Check. Use it.

I doubt this chicky-poo would ever find the site funny. She seems a little too self-absorbed. She would be one of those "twinkies" that talk like they're from the valley, at full volume on the train. Drives me nuts.

Anonymous said...

Oh, like, those girls who travel, like in pairs, to like, go shopping downtown and like, spend the whole day at the eaton centre?

Jen said...


Like yeah, you know, they are (read with a bit of a drawl and drama) the EXACT same people.

Truly those are the people who cannot for the life of them form a complete thought, let alone a sentence to utter aloud for their travelling companions. Drives me bonkers.

Vanessa said...

@Jen: You mean the always that speak with an upwards inflexion? Like they're asking questions every single time? Even though they're stating a fact?

Jen said...

Yuppers, those would be the ones.

There are times when I am glad my Dad mocked me when I tried to talk in a similar manner when I was 12. I can say I would never have written something like that in my life. I even refuse to text-speak and have made people write out full sentences to me otherwise I will not respond. And I am currently 30, not an old fogey.

Donna said...

I'm pretty sure Rebeccaaaah will never find this site funny.

@jen: like,.... seriously? Do those girls like annoy you?

I've sat next to these airheads and want to shout: Can't you form a sentence without using the word "like"???!!! How did that happen anyway?!!

lswgirl13 said...

She's 19 and maybe she'll find your site funny one day??? What does that even mean??? That only old people find any of this humourous??? I'm insulted!!! haha

Jim (Rebeccah's Dad) said...

Ruth, I did mean Monty Pythn. I just couldn't figure out the name at the time. I just knew it was a group of British guys.
My daughter is a good girl. Glad you found her funny! But there's nothing funny about amputating people's feet.

Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha. The sad thing is that I AM one of those girls who travels in pairs to spend the whole day at the Eaton Center.

...Granted, I was with my sister because I was too young to travel alone to Toronto at the time. And we took the train.

Ah, well. I'm not really one of "those" girls because I speak like a normal person and I don't usually chatspeak, either. :)

(I just couldn't resist commenting!!!)

That was a pretty quick turn-around on Rebeccah's part, though - it might have had something to do with the fact her friends liked it. :P