Sunday, January 26, 2014

Karma comes in a bag sometimes

This text exchange happened between ThisCrazyTrain subscriber April and myself.

I'm the darker blue speech bubbles.

I exported this transcript with the Mighty Text app for Android and plug-in for Google Chrome. SO MUCH EASIER THAN SCREEN GRABS and so much better than cutting and pasting from Rogers' text to email service!

Picture if you will, a mostly empty 410 LSE train. I board and head to a quad that has one person in it, in the window seat with his bag on the seat oppo

Jan 21 4:35pm
site him. I sit in the aisle seat. Train fills and fills and douche bag makes no effort to move his bag. Finally, it is the only seat left on the car. A

Jan 21 4:35pm
man boards and says excuse me. Douche bag grabs his bag and storms off the train in a huff. I guess his bag really did need its own seat.

The man who wa

Jan 21 4:35pm
nted a seat takes the vacated seat, doors chime and the train leaves the station while the seat previously occupied by Douche bag's bag remains empty.


Jan 21 4:35pm
can barely contain my laughter when the man who took Douche bag's seat plops his bag in the empty seat as the train pulls away.

Jan 21 4:35pm
Oh man....

Jan 21 4:52pm
It made my day! I didn't say anything to new guy because there was no one else standing. I wish I could have chased down miserable douche bag and told him.

Jan 21 5:11pm
Absolutely astounding childish behaviour! So funny.

Jan 21 5:17pm
Best story today!

Jan 21 5:17pm
He was such a grumpy looking shit. Haha have a great night

Jan 21 5:26pm
Karma karma karma karmakilllilyeon. He comes and goes. He comes and go-oo-es. Bag riding would be so much easier if he didn't make a scene. Didn't make a scee--ee--ne... have a good night, too.

Jan 21 5:34pm


MATT said...

I believe that the song is called "Karma Chameleon", not "Karma Killilyeon". But it was a funny read, nonetheless.

C.J. Smith said...


Kill ily Eon

(I know you're right - that was the best brain fart I ever produced in MY LIFE).