Monday, January 20, 2014

Friday's comedy of errors

On the Lakeshore East, there was a service suspension sometime before 3 pm. I know this because two co-workers whose text message alerts actually work told me.

Remember how I signed up for them there text alerts several weeks ago? I haven't received a single one. I have checked and double checked and I'm on the list. This must be personal.

I set up a separate notification account under my work email address - it's been nothing but crickets.

My Rogers account gets the emails, albeit in comical delay.

Above is the mail sort - newest first.

Yay! Service has been restored.

Boo! Service has been suspended.

Wait. What?! AGAIN?

I was still at work when I got the suspension email. Now I believe GO is just messing with me.  My co-workers were getting ready to leave and were showing me real-time text messages that proved the emails wrong and that service had been restored long before these emails arrived.

I'll be calling GO today. I didn't make this personal but somebody did.


Squiggles said...

Interesting. I signed up for the text alerts as well. I have always had the email alerts at my work and personal email. Those are the only ones I received on Friday. I even went back to my phone and double checked that I didn't miss them.

C.J. Smith said...

It's personal!!!

George said...

Odd. I get alerts on time all the time.

You got enemies messing with your head there CJ.

C.J. Smith said...

Haven't had a chance to call GO yet but this is totally personal. My number *is* on the site.
They're out to get me, I tell you (as I fashion my tin foil hat).

MATT said...

There's no rhyme or reason to it. I got the two text messages, relatively on time, in the appropriate order. Then I got the "service resumed" email, well after I was notifed by text that service resumed. About an hour later, I got the "service suspended" email.

It's not just CJ.

At this point, when shit goes south with GO's scheduling, I look forward to seeing if the texts/emails will come close together, in the correct order, etc.

Squiggles said...

My number is on the site too, and I never received the text messages! I have always received the email alerts, but not always at the same time or on time.

Probably should have re-read my comment before I submitted. This is why I should institute a no-comment-before-caffeine rule.

Maybe it has to do with when you added a # to your profile. I did it on the same day and did NOT receive an alert. Maybe it is something that should have been done a year or two ago for it to work?